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100个超霸气的英文战队名Badass Team Names

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摘要:不清楚Badass Team Names坏蛋的队名译为霸气的团队名称是否合适,貌似老外很喜欢这个词&

不清楚Badass Team Names坏蛋的队名译为霸气的团队名称是否合适,貌似老外很喜欢这个词——Badass,喜欢被叫做坏蛋,思来想去觉得唯有霸气适合我们中文的含蓄表达了。

1. Annihilators – Don’t just dominate – annihilate! 歼灭者–不仅仅称霸–歼灭!

2. Avengers – No one gets away with wronging any of you. 复仇者联盟-没有人会冤枉你们中的任何一个。

3. Bad to The Bone – Not an ounce of goodness in either of you. 对骨头不好–你们两个都不是一丁点的善良。

4. Black Panthers – Name yourselves after badass civil rights activists. 黑豹–以坏蛋民权活动家的名字命名。

5. Black Widows – For a group of girls that don’t take crap from men. 黑寡妇–适用于一群不被男人胡扯的女孩。

6. Blitzkrieg – A team that drops more bombs than the Blitz. Blitzkrieg(闪电战) –一支投掷比Blitz炸弹更多的炸弹的团队。

7. Braindead Zombies – You can’t reason with these monsters. Braindead Zombies –您无法对这些怪物进行推理。

8. Brewmaster Crew – For a team that loves to chug a few beers together. 酿酒大师团队(Brewmaster Crew) –对于一个喜欢一起喝几杯啤酒的团队。

9. Brute Force – When you all agree it’s the only way things can get done. 蛮力–大家都同意,这是完成事情的唯一方法。

10. Butchers – If anyone messes with you guys they’ll end up in pieces. 屠夫–如果有人和你们搞砸了,他们最终会分崩离析。

11. Chaos – Disorder has been restored. 混乱–混乱已恢复。

12. Chargers – Bring down all in your path. 充电器–拖走一切。

13. Chernobyl – More radioactive than a nuclear explosion. 切尔诺贝利–比核爆炸更具放射性。

14. Collision Course – Don’t get in the way of these guys! 碰撞课程–不要妨碍这些人!

15. Deathwish – You guys will take any risks. 死亡愿望–你们将承担任何风险。

16. Defenders – You keep the righteous safe. 捍卫者–您保持正义的安全。

17. Demolition Crew – Your team literally brings down the walls. 拆除人员–您的团队从字面上推倒了墙。

18. Desert Storm – After the military operating to invade Iraq. 沙漠风暴-军事行动入侵伊拉克之后。

19. Divide and Conquer – Your team is known to break down their opponents and dominate them. 分而治之–众所周知,您的团队会击败对手并称霸对手。

20. Dominators – You guys don’t just win every competition, you dominate it. 支配者–你们不仅赢得了每场比赛,还赢得了比赛。

21. Dropping Bombs – Hammer all in sight. 放下炸弹-一切都在眼前。

22. End Game – When you guys get involved the game won’t last too long. 终结游戏–当你们参与其中时,游戏不会持续太久。

23. Enforcers – The ones that keep the peace for the mob. 执法者–为暴民维持和平的执法者。

24. Fire Starters – The actions you guys take bring the whole house down. 开火-你们采取的行动使整个房屋倒塌。

25. Gargoyles – Not a pretty bunch to mess with. 石像鬼–不太好玩。

26. Gatling Guns – The first ever machine gun. 加特林机枪–有史以来第一架机枪。

27. Ghost Riders – Great for a team that loves motorbikes… and ghosts. 幽灵骑士–非常适合热爱摩托车和幽灵的车队。

28. Gorillas In the Mist – A team of savage apes hidden in plain sight. 雾中的大猩猩–一群隐藏在视线中的野蛮猿猴。

29. Grave Diggers – They won’t necessarily bury you dead. Grave Diggers –他们不一定会把你埋死。

30. Gunners – Shoot down all who oppose you. 枪手–击落所有反对你的人。

31. Guns for Hire – Like mercenaries, but a bit cooler. 雇佣枪支–像雇佣兵一样,但是有点酷。

32. Hammerheads – After the deadly sharks. 锤头–致命的鲨鱼之后。

33. Hell’s Angels – Name yourselves after the most notorious biker gang. 地狱天使–以最臭名昭著的骑自行车帮派命名。

34. Hellraisers – Your team brings hell to the surface. 地狱咆哮者–您的团队使地狱浮出水面。

35. High-Voltage – Danger of death! 高压–有死亡危险!

36. Insurgents – Highly organized rebels 叛乱分子–组织严密的叛乱分子

37. Jawbreakers – If someone pisses you guys off their face won’t look the same after. 破颚工-如果有人生气让你们从他们的脸上掉下来,看起来就不会一样了。

38. Justice Bringers – The team that decides who does right and who does wrong. 正义带来者–决定谁做对,谁做错的团队。

39. Lethal – Even small doses of you guys can kill. 致命–甚至小剂量你们都可以杀死。

40. Little Boy – After the first nuclear bomb that was ever dropped. 小男孩–在投下的第一枚核弹之后。

41. Mean Machine – No one is meaner than your squad. 卑鄙的机器–没有人比你的小队卑鄙。

42. Mercenaries – What’s more badass than a bunch of hired killers? 佣兵–比一堆雇用的杀手还难受吗?

43. Mud Dogs – None of you are afraid to get dirty. 泥狗–你们都不怕被弄脏。

44. Mutiny – There used to be a boss, but you guys left him on a desert island. 叛变–曾经有个老板,但是你们把他留在了荒岛上。

45. Neck Breakers – Keep your necks away from these guys! 断颈器–使您的脖子远离这些家伙!

46. Nemesis – You guys have many arch rivals. 复仇女神–你们有很多主要竞争对手。

47. No Fear – Nothing scares you guys. 没有恐惧–没什么吓到你们的。

48. No Rules – Badasses don’t need rules. 没有规则– Badasses不需要规则。

49. No Sympathy – Sympathy is for the weak, right? 没有同情–同情是为了弱者,对吗?

50. One Shot Killers – You ace anything on the first attempt. 一个射击杀手–您在任何尝试中都能获得优势。

51. Pulverizers – Your enemies are unrecognizable after fighting you. 粉碎机–与您战斗后,您的敌人无法辨认。

52. Rage – Not a good idea to anger these guys. 愤怒–激怒这些家伙不是一个好主意。

53. Raging Bulls – Angry and strong. 愤怒的公牛队-愤怒而坚强。

54. Rhinos – One of the toughest living mammals. 犀牛–生存最艰难的哺乳动物之一。

55. Savages – Those that live without rules. 野蛮人-那些没有规则的人。

56. Shock and Awe – The landscape looks a lot different after you guys were here. 震惊和敬畏–你们来到这里后,景观看起来大不相同。

57. Skull Crushers – Nice and terrifying. 骷髅破碎机–令人惊叹。

58. Slayers – Dragons don’t exist because you guys killed them all. 屠宰者–龙不存在,因为你们杀死了所有人。

59. Soldiers – No one is more honorable. 士兵–没有人会更光荣。

60. Soul Takers – No one is quite the same after meeting your team. 灵魂追随者–与您的团队见面后,没有人是完全一样的。

61. Speed Demons – Speed limits don’t matter. 速度恶魔–速度限制无关紧要。

62. Stone Crushers – I don’t think many can crush stones with their bare hands. 碎石机–我认为没有人能赤手砸碎石头。

63. Street-sweepers – Your team keeps the streets safe from bad guys. 清道夫–您的团队可以保护街道免遭坏人的伤害。

64. Tech Warriors – You may all be techies, but you know you’re all as tough as they come. 科技勇士–你们可能都是技术专家,但您知道自己像他们一样坚强。

65. Terminators – What’s more deadly than The Terminator? Terminators. 终结者–还有什么比终结者更致命?终结者小号。

66. Terrorizers – After you’ve met these guys, you’ll always be paranoid. 恐怖分子–与这些人见面后,您将永远变得偏执。

67. The Arsenal – You all own more weapons than you care to remember. 阿森纳–你们拥有的武器多于您想记住的。

68. The Badasses – Plain and simple badass team name. Badasses –简单和简单的Badass团队名称。

69. The Bane of Your Existence – You guys make that special someone especially miserable. 生存的祸根–你们使那个特别的人特别痛苦。

70. The Barbarians – More or less the same as the above. 野蛮人–或多或少与上述相同。

71. The Blazers – A team that makes it Smokey wherever they go. 开拓者队-无论他们走到哪里,都可以烟熏的团队。

72. The Bulldogs – Poodles beware! 斗牛犬–贵宾犬要当心!

73. The Demented – A team of tortured souls. 痴呆者–一群受折磨的灵魂。

74. The Enemy – The foes of everyone. 敌人–每个人的敌人。

75. The Fighting Irish – When you’re all Irish or all of Irish heritage and love a good fight. 爱尔兰之战–当您全是爱尔兰人或全部是爱尔兰人,并且热爱一场战斗时。

76. The Firing Squad – You all enact justice at the same time. 射击小队–你们都在同一时间颁布正义。

77. The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse – When all four of you unite the world will end. 启示录的四骑士–当你们四个团结在一起时,世界将会终结。

78. The Frontline – You guys lead the way in any fight. 前线–你们在任何战斗中都处于领先地位。

79. The Hit List – When you all join together to get revenge. 热门名单–当大家一起报仇时。

80. The House Thrashers – If your team goes to a house party, they’ll be a big mess in the morning. House Thrashers –如果您的团队参加家庭聚会,那么早上他们将是一团糟。

81. The Intimidators – Your team’s presence can convince anyone. 威吓者–您的团队的存在可以说服任何人。

82. The Mean Ones – When you’re known for your mean words. 卑鄙的人–当您以卑鄙的话语而闻名时。

83. The Mongolians – The only people tough enough to conquer Russia! 蒙古人–唯一足以征服俄罗斯的人民!

84. The Outlaws – You guys are always in trouble with the law. law徒–你们总是在法律上遇到麻烦。

85. The Pitbulls – The most aggressive dogs around. 皮特比尔斯(Pitbulls) –周围最具攻击性的狗。

86. The Punishers – Prison is too good for your enemies. 惩罚者-监狱对你的敌人来说太好了。

87. The Reapers – The last thing people see before they die. 收割者–人们在死前看到的最后一件事。

88. The Rebellion – Here to bring down the ruling class. 叛乱–在这里推翻统治阶级。

89. The Security – You guys keep the order. 安全性–你们保持秩序。

90. The Storm Bringers – It’s always so peaceful before you all show up. 风暴带来者–在所有人露面之前,总是如此和平。

91. The Tribe – For the team that has connections back to the Stone Age. 部落–适用于与石器时代有联系的团队。

92. The Unredeemable – You guys will never do a good deed. 不可赎回–你们永远不会做一件好事。

93. Trigger Happy – You guys like guns a little too much. 触发快乐–你们太喜欢枪了。

94. Vandals – When your team is known to trash every place they visit. 破坏者–众所周知,您的团队在他们访问的每个地方都将其当作垃圾。

95. Veterans – For a hardened team of ex-military personnel. 退伍军人–适用于坚强的前军事人员队伍。

96. Vigilantes – Your team makes their own rules 治安维持会–您的团队制定自己的规则

97. Viking Raiders – You come in fighting and destroy everything in your path. 维京突袭者–您参与战斗并摧毁您途中的一切。

98. Warmongers – Your team doesn’t just find them yourselves in fights, they start them. 好战分子–您的团队不仅会在战斗中找到自己,他们还会开始战斗。

99. Weapons of Mass Destruction – Vaporize all in sight. 大规模杀伤性武器–蒸发所有可见物。

100. Your Worst Nightmare – We’ll stalk you in your dreams. 您最可怕的噩梦–我们将在您的梦中缠扰您。